About Us

In the vast ecosystem of cryptocurrency, Metaflip is one of the tokens used for transaction users, NFT creators, and developers. This token, which was officially launched in the 4th quarter of 2021 on binance smart chain, is accepted in its three areas of Marketplace, Games (P2E), and NFT museum (which utilizes both AR and VR). You might wonder what sets Metaflip apart from the rest of its competition. For one, the revenue obtained from ads, and inside the ecosystem itself will be burned and added back into the liquidity pool. This is to encourage the user to continuously utilize the product as one of its strengths is that it is what is called as a ‘hyper-deflation’ token.

Through this token, the developer team foresees a systematic ecosystem between the users, NFT creators, and developers. As for the token users, they are able to use their token to purchase NFT, play games developed specifically for the ecosystem, and also gain access to Metaflip’s AR/VR integrated NFT museum. On the other hand of the spectrum, there are the NFT creators. They are given a platform to easily publish their very own NFTs and digital content, and at the same time, use Metaflip’s ads system to boost the promotion of the contents to reach out to more audience. Not only that, Metaflip provides a virtual space for creators to do a whole lot of tasks such as creating games and integrating their NFT to the marketplace. Metaflip could also enable creators to scour the ecosystem and find other personnels for them to collaborate and establish a team with.